kiddo still faced

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FACED on a friday night & on lj.  the nostalgia of it all...

everything is real good. 

my only complaint is that the wine is empty.

had the plague about a week ago but feeling much better thankyewverymuch.

back to avalon II in a couple weeks to complete my right arm.

i grew flowers all on my own.  & they aren't dead yet.

sold a TON of shit & paid some bills.  um.  what else.

poker night was hosted at my house last week. 

work is fun.  lots of crazies & eccentrics.  i fit in well.

my husband is way hot & is teh besteresterest (even though he snores and keeps me up all night)

casey is here to visit me tomorrow.

life has been drama free since august.  ::peace::

there has been camping.  lots of camping.  we keep that shit (tent & gear) by the door!  load it & go!  ::more peace::


britney spears looks much better shaved!  go brit & shit.  you show 'em grrl.  feck y'all!

i will probably wake up tomorrow & delete all this crap.  uh huh.

and now. our babies!